Fixing things & Plans

Obviously wordpress is different from blogger. It’s much better but I still need to get my head around it and fix things here and there. Oh well, I’ll work on it as soon as I have time that is NOW 😉 I am off today. I worked all day yesterday and it was good as I finished a piece of writing and got something else done. It was a long day though, as I spent 9-10 hours at my desk.  

I don’t teach anymore (I finished my course last week) and I now go to my workplace once in while, really. I work at home and I have a couple of biz trips before the summer holidays, speaking of which we haven’t decided anything yet. I’ll be very busy until mid-end August and, as I spent more time in the air or… in the clouds (short explanation of the title), I am more keen on driving for 2-3 hours and going to Tuscany. It’s not just because I love the place, I don’t want to catch flights anymore! We will see as G. has a different idea. He still wants to go to Greece. Don’t get me wrong, the sea is better there than in Tuscany BUT there are also drawbacks and it’s more likely that we will both be too tired to take planes, boats etc.

There might be a chance to go to one of my favorite places on earth: Stromboli. My mum would love to spend two weeks in Stromboli and asked me if I would like to join her for 3-4 days. Of course I would! This is going to happen (fingers crossed) in July but it depends on deadlines, writing commitments and other things. A few days with my mamma in “our” place, it sounds like a lovely plan and honestly I can’t wait even though G. has to stay at home and look after the “red devil”, our dog. He’s just turned 2 🙂

I’ll try to fix things in a moment…


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