Learning patience

I’ve always been impulsive, very much so. It has taken me years to thinking more before answering an email within more than 5 minutes. When I receive an email I don’t like because of the tone or other things, my spontaneous reaction would be answering in a way I would certainly regret in a few hours.

Yesterday I received one of those emails. I was really disappointed and had to speak to some friends and relatives to calm down. They all agreed that I was right to be pissed off but that I was too annoyed to write a decent reply. I didn’t check my emails for the rest of the day and started writing the reply two or three times before giving up. Of course they were right. Of course I was right to be really annoyed but I have learnt to be more cautious, to evaluate the benefits and the drawbacks of an impulsive response. And the only possible reply to that email would have been: fuck off, I decide, not you. However, I didn’t write a single line (what an effort!), gave a serious thought and evaluated all the opportunities I had. The fuck off answer was replaced by a polite email which does not even mention all the aspects that I dislike. There is one particular thing that makes me angry but there’s not much I can do about it. This is work, I guess.