In the mood for summer

I’ve done most of the job. I still have to read some stuff and there’s an upcoming Skype call but I am almost officially on holiday, namely I don’t have to commute anymore and I don’t have biz trips until September. Everything can be done at home, yuppie! I’ve worked a lot this year but it’s been all worth it. I am tired and I am not, if you can see what I mean. When you like what you’re doing and you achieve the goals it’s rewarding. I am now ready to take the back seat and read while someone’s is driving. Except for this weekend when I’ll be driving to Cortona while my partner will be taking more than one nap 😉

I feel good. It’s summer, not too hot and I have enough free time to visit friends & go away for long weekends. 

I also finished The Goldfinch…. on the plane. Wow, the end is WONDERFUL. You just have to get there, as I mentioned elsewhere, it’s a looong book. What am I going to read next? I’ve already started the first book written by Donna Tartt but I might need something lighter and more attuned to my “summer mood”. The Secret History is set in cold Vermont! Any suggestions? Also, a shorter book would work at the moment as I still have other reading commitments and a tight deadline to meet.


My life…

in the next couple of weeks:

  • Monday- Tuesday: work
  • Wed-Saturday: Norway (work & leisure)
  • Sunday: home sweet home
  • Monday-Thursday: working at home
  • Friday: going to visit a friend who lives an hour from where we live. Half day off
  • Saturday-Monday: Tuscany 🙂

I am afraid this is all I can write at the moment. Sharing bits of my life & plans with my readers. I’ve been traveling around Europe a lot in the past few weeks. Although I am excited about my trip to Norway, I really need to stop flying for a while. I like traveling but this is a bit too much.

On the bright side, this time my mum will come to visit me in Norway and we’ll spend a couple of days together which is a blessing. Not to mention that I am going with my partner to a place in Tuscany that we love. It’s my favorite place. I fell in love with this village more than 10 years ago. Can’t wait!