A new fridge & my life


There’s a monster in the kitchen! LOL, as I said it’s huge fridge for two people but it’s really nice… I like it. Our dog seems a bit confused by this new object which has an odd smell.

We had an argument yesterday. I told him that I am not happy. He told me things he doesn’t like. He doesn’t like living so close to mum. I can understand that. She is literally across the garden and she is often here. He thinks that we have “problems” because my parents interfere for trivial things like how to clean the fridge etc. Or families are the on the opposite side of the spectrum: while we seldom see them and/or hear from them, my relatives live where we live and my partner works with my dad! This might be overwhelming but I don’t think that his way of dealing with difficulties (complaining all the time) is related to this.

I should add, though, that we love each other. We still love each other after almost 18 years together and this moment shall pass. I can’t pretend that everything is fine but I can’t even say that we are living in a black hole!

As far as my job is concerned, things haven’t changed. I have big responsibility but my position is the same. I shouldn’t accept that but what are the alternatives? I have to wait until February-March to take any decision. It’s ok, I can wait for two-three months but I can’t wait forever. Also, I am involved in a project that is all “mine”. I just have to make it happen… can’t go into details here, sorry.

I haven’t put much thoughts into Christmas yet but I should hurry up. There are presents & decorations to buy. Today is our “Christmas decorations” day and we’re going to buy new ornaments. I’ve only bought one present for a colleague (and friend) of mine so far!

This is all for now. Have a lovely Sunday.