Owls and a moment for writing

Sundays mornings are the best moments for writing. Usually I am at home alone because my partner goes to the supermarket to get some stuff for the upcoming week. That’s the deal: I cook & buy vegetables and fruits, he takes care of the rest. This is the time when the house is quiet (it’s not a “treat” though as, without kids and living where we live, either the house or the neighborhood are never noisy), the dog naps and church bells ring in the hope to call attention. My thoughts clarify too and I feel free from commitments. It’s a good feeling, even if it lasts just until the end of the day. 

I went away last week and everything went really well, more that I had expected to be honest. There are more trips in the next couple of weeks and lots to do but it’s ok. I’m doing what I like and this is a real treat. The drawback is that I am increasingly disappointed about my position here, not to mention the asymmetry of power at work which makes me frustrated and unhappy. I have a plan but I have to wait until the end of this year. In the meanwhile, I’ll try to hold on.

On a different note, it seems that we have owls in the garden! I am not entirely sure as obviously we haven’t seen them but we do hear them every single night as they are pretty loud. Five or six (or maybe more) years ago we had little owls and we saw them in the evenings. Typical owls, however, are bigger and nocturnal so we hear them only when it gets dark. The funny thing is that the dog couldn’t care less which is weird  as he spends time chasing birds during the day! The sound is very peculiar, loud and a bit scary.Yesterday night I recorded them and I think, after hearing owls sounds on the Internet, that they are owls (they sound exactly like this). I wish we could see them but they hide in trees so it’s almost impossible. I like the fact that there are so many birds here, it makes me feel immersed in nature and I love it. We didn’t expect owls though! I want them to be safe so I’ll do my best to keep my distance even if it’s tempting to jump off the couch and see where they are!