Life, books, kids, dogs and other things

I don’t have time for writing these days. I don’t have time for reading blogs etc. However, I feel an urge this morning, it’s like an “itch” on the tip of my fingers: it’s time to sit down and write, just for a few minutes. Ok, so what’s going on? Lots of things, my lovely readers. I should be careful though, as I’m still waiting for “answers”. I can’t really describe the last few weeks in great details until I receive “something” and then I can give voice to all I have been through. It’s all good, nothing to be concerned about. There are major shifts ahead. Well, there might be major shifts this coming spring. Nope, I am not pregnant. Actually, if I get pregnant now it would be very unfortunate. And you know, what? I don’t care about not having kids. This is something I’ve realized only recently. In the past I thought that life without kids in this big house could have been boring/difficult in the long run. Just the three of us (I’m counting the dog, of course). Now, at almost 39, I’m aware that, for one thing, I’m more patient with dogs than with kids and I’m with no doubts a dog person. I couldn’t live without dogs but I can live without a child. It has taken me quite a while to realize that, mainly because of societal pressure. So, here I am, conscious of my priorities and getting pregnant is NOT on the top of my list, actually, it’s not on the list anymore! And I feel so good because I know that I don’t need that. I have friends who live with this “ghost”: “I’m turning 40 and I don’t have kids”. And so what?! Life is good, even without kids.

Of course pregnancy was not intended to be the topic of this post but I can’t write about the “other thing” so I’m afraid this is all you get this morning. Oh yeah, I should mention that we went to Berlin and we really enjoyed it despite the f**** cold. What a city! I should also mention that I’ve just finished a great book The Circle by D. Eggers and I’ve started another great book Still Alice. They are, in my view, both a must-read for several reasons. I don’t have time now but I’m planning to write short reviews here.

I should get going now as I’m LAAAAATE!

The militarization of everything

 It has occurred to me that we live in an increasingly militarized world. Peace is a fake word, it’s made up to sleep without nightmares. In this part of world, where wars ended many years ago, we’ve always thought that battles do not belong here. They are fought by less civilized people. However, have a look outside your window. There’s probably a security tool out there, if it’s not an alarm to protect your property, it’s maybe a surveillance camera or a drone which flies silently with some birds. Think about it. You have to prove who you are on a daily basis by e.g. giving passwords, showing your IDs, using a badge etc. Identification matters.

Step back now and look inside, take a glance at your self-impostions: inter alia, working out, eating less, no smoking etc. I’m not saying that we are all trapped, nor that we are all the same. Some people do not give a shit about “things that should’t be done”, however, I am pretty sure we have all dealt with social constraints. Because these are almost all social constraints. Take, for instance, exercising. The demonization of obesity is not just for health reasons. Aesthetic does play a significant role, especially in a country like Italy: you have to look good, you have to work out. There are no curves anymore and I am talking about “brain curves”, meaning flexibility. We are less flexible and more likely to accept the militarization of the soul, of the body and of the context we live in without questions. 

Ok, I am exaggerating now but it’s hard to deny that militarization is a state of mind, before being an actual fact. We follow rules, which are part of the social contract, and we comply with them even by self-imposing – at different extent- rigid behaviors. Sometimes I wonder whether this is the fate of human beings who pretend to be free but behave like caged animals. In this sense, zoos mirror society. We feed animals and see a reflected duplication of ourselves despite thinking of being different, if not superior. 

The internalization of power dynamics, of rules etc. led to the militarization of both the individual and of the society.