My life…

in the next couple of weeks:

  • Monday- Tuesday: work
  • Wed-Saturday: Norway (work & leisure)
  • Sunday: home sweet home
  • Monday-Thursday: working at home
  • Friday: going to visit a friend who lives an hour from where we live. Half day off
  • Saturday-Monday: Tuscany 🙂

I am afraid this is all I can write at the moment. Sharing bits of my life & plans with my readers. I’ve been traveling around Europe a lot in the past few weeks. Although I am excited about my trip to Norway, I really need to stop flying for a while. I like traveling but this is a bit too much.

On the bright side, this time my mum will come to visit me in Norway and we’ll spend a couple of days together which is a blessing. Not to mention that I am going with my partner to a place in Tuscany that we love. It’s my favorite place. I fell in love with this village more than 10 years ago. Can’t wait!