The Goldfinch

No, we don’t have owls & goldfinches in the garden! The Goldfinch is the title of the book by Donna Tartt that I’m reading. I am half way through as it’s quite a long book: 864 pages. It would be redundant to claim what others have said already, namely that it’s a masterpiece. Of course it is and it’s perhaps one of best books I’ve ever read. Definitely the best book of this year. It’s neither a summer reading nor a page-tuner as the plot unfolds gradually and slowly. However, once you get to know Theo it’s unlikely that you’re going to read to something else. You want to know how things develop, it doesn’t matter if you have to read 150 pages before something else happens. This book goes against the current do-it-immediately criterion of our times: it takes time to read it all, to digest it and the weight does make you want to buy the e-version. Don’t do that! Instead, feel it in your hands, touch the hard work of the author, smell it!

The plot cannot be encapsulated in a few sentences. So, you have to read it. Don’t miss this superb piece of writing. Take your time, exactly like the author did: it took her 10 years to write it.

breath, enjoy  and read it !